By: Farhad Kadikhel

Ghalanai — The political administration in border areas of Khwezai, Biazai and Lower Mohmand Ekkaghund areas of Mohmand Agency started crackdown on profiteers and arrested over 8 shopkeepers for overcharging. It also seized substandard food items and imposed fines on those involved in overcharging and selling such food items.

Assistant Political Agent (APA) Naveed Akbar Khan said that following complaints about inflated prices of items of daily usage especially vegetables, fruit, meat and poultry items, Tehsildar Ekkaghund Amir Nawaz Khan conducted raids in Ekkaghund market and arrested at least 8 shopkeepers who were found guilty of not following the official price list.

“We also checked the cleanliness of all the shops in the bazaars (markets),” said APA.

He said that the alleged shopkeepers were put behind bars for some days and were also fined.

APA Naveed Akbar Khan directed the shopkeepers to charge those prices in the holy month of Ramazan those were set by the price control committees for every and each commodities in the tribal region.

“As directed by the Political Agent Mahmood Aslam the violators would be in jail as well as they would also be fined” said APA.

He said that local administration also distributed pamphlets in the all markets that if any shopkeepers overcharging they must inform the lower Mohmand administration on PTCL Phone No. 0292-225109.

He urged the tribesmen to cooperate the political administration while maintaining prices during the holy month of Ramazan in the area.

“Officials of the local administration will visit the bazaars frequently to monitors the prices of the daily commodities so that to give relief to the tribesmen in Ramazan,” said Akbar

Meanwhile on Special directives of Political agent Mahmood Aslam Wazir the Biazai APA Pir Abdullah Shah along with Tehsildar Gul Said and Shah Wazir visited the border areas markets Atta and Koda khel to check the prices of daily commodities.

During his visit they found all the commodities rates satisfactory and directed the shopkeepers to maintain prices according to the price list of price control committee of the area during Ramazan.

Officials of the local administration also examines the security arrangements of all the markets and directed the Khassadar and Levy forces to check every suspects entering the markets in the morning and evening times.

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