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Peshawar — After 19 years, the sixth census, from April 25 to May 25, 2017, is continuing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s 12 districts, Chitral, Upper Dir, Lower Dir, Swat, Malakand, Shangla, Kohistan, Kohat, Karrak, Bannu and six tribal areas including Bajaur, Mohmand, Khyber, North and South Waziristan.

Fata’s people, especially Political and Social Activists are raising questions and shown deep- reservations over the sixth census-2017.

“Government removed TDPs column from census-form because of the statement of FDMA which states that repatriation of IDPs is completed,” said Samreena Khan Wazir, a law graduate and social activist from South Waziristan Agency.

Samreena Khan
Samreena Khan

“That government is doing census on pattern of settled districts in Fata which is unjust as a large tribal population is still displaced,” added Samreena Khan Wazir.

“I filed a petition in Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking inclusion of TDPs column. IHC gave a decision in favor of us but the Statistic bureau Department is not obeying Court Decision, and argue that due to lack of time cannot change the Census form,” added Samreena Khan Wazir.

“TDPs have option to register themselves in any area of Pakistan,” said, Mumtaz Khan, Director of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Statistics Department.

Those TDPs whose homes are destroyed, they have to tell the Census Team about their homes’ damages and number of persons in the family. They will be counted by census team,” added Mumtaz Khan.

“If any person remained without registering with census-team till 25th May, 2017, then he /she can lodge a complaint in our office, and will be registered,” added Mumtaz khan.

“After 19 years, the census is being conducted , and such a big delay shows that those in power corridors ( ruling class) have done injustice with the public” said Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, a professor of statistics at Peshawar University, and KP and FATA Representative at Centre.

Mumtaz Khan
Mumtaz Khan

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal said that in-balance between resources and problems are creating more problems like Electricity, Water, Health, Education, employment, and non-availability of basic needs for people. Now, after completion of Census, Federal and Provincial government will be able to do better planning (Strategies).

Government is to spend Rs 18 Arab in which Rs. 6 Arab are reserved for Civilian Institutions, Security and Transport each.

The census is carried out with cooperation and coordination of both Civilians and Pakistan Army. In this Census, 118918 people, both civilians and Army, are taking part. All the detail will be issued (public) within a year.

“Fata people are not content with the Census. We still have reservations. But it is extremely unfortunate that Fata Parliamentarians are failing to protect the basic rights of the people of Fata,” said Samreena Khan Wazir.

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