FSO Haripur
Members of the FSO at the University of Haripur

Peshawar – Tribal Students of the University of Haripur have organized a welcome party for the new comers from the tribal areas on Friday.

Activists of the FATA Students Organization (FSO) welcomed new students in the university and assured them that they will be supported on every stage.

President FSO Shaukat Aziz who was the chief guest of the students there, joined the event along with other FSO members of its central cabinet form Peshawar.

Speaking at the event Shaukat Aziz said that they were lucky to work for FATA. “In our history, for the first time FATA reforms are taking place. It’s more happiness that youth are aware about the ongoing reforms process,” he added.

The FSO president said that some people, unfortunately, were creating hurdles to stop the way of FATA reforms. “We will never let those people succeed in spoiling the reforms process.”

Other speakers also vowed to work for the betterment of FATA and its bright future. “Let’s focus on our studies and get higher education so that we can serve our people truly,” General Secretary FSO Abdur Rahim said.

FSO is a student-led organization fighting for the rights of tribal students in various educational institutions.

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